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Where are you located? 

We are a private, fully insured home based cake studio in Parkville, MO

Do you do custom wedding cakes?

Yes. The wedding cakes in the gallery represent my style of work and are examples of past custom wedding cakes. I do not copy other cake artists work but I am happy to use other cakes as inspiration in designing your cake. I prefer a mood board that represents your overall wedding so that I can best design a wedding cake that conveys your entire wedding story.

When should I provide you with a mood board or cake inspiration photos?

Either upon initial inquiry or shortly thereafter. 

Do you offer consultations?

Consultations are reserved for clients who will be ordering 100+ servings or more of decorated cake. This in-person consultation is complimentary with the purchase of a $40 tasting box and the order of 100+ cake servings.

Tasting Boxes for pick up are $40 and are available to everyone. Please refer to the Tastings page for more details. 

Do you offer custom birthday or other occasion cakes?

Wedding cakes are my main focus but I do plan to add some options for smaller occasions in the future.


I just got engaged. When should I think about my wedding cake order?

We are a small operation and make a limited number of cakes each year. Please inquire as soon as you have a date set and a venue selected. For Peak wedding dates I suggest you reach out to me 12-15 months ahead of time. For non-peak dates, 6-9 months ahead of time.


Delivery: How will my wedding cake get to the venue?

We offer free delivery for our larger cakes to venues located within 20 miles of Parkville, MO. A $30 fee is charged for every 10 miles beyond that. Our Dessert and Special Occasion Cakes and Cupcakes will be scheduled for you to pick up. Delivery is only available for our large cake orders.


Are there any other costs outside of the cake, tasting and possible delivery fee? 

That's it! In some cases, your delivery and set up may be free depending on the location of your venue.

How do I know how much cake I will need? 

With my past experience with weddings, approximately 80% of invited guests will attend. That being said, I would be careful not to underestimate how much cake you will need. The industry standard size piece of wedding cake, used by the caterers and venues who will be cutting your cake, is 1”wide x 2”deep x 4”tall. That may look different to each cake cutter and in the instance that you have a “generous” cake cutter, you may want to estimate a little higher than the 80% recommendation. 

How many cake flavors can I choose for my wedding cake?   

I recommend 2 flavors but you are welcome to have more, depending on the size of your wedding cake. Fewer flavors make it less confusing for the cake cutter and easier on your guests to make a decision. I do not charge more for the number of flavor choices but the size of your cake will limit the number of flavors possible. I would recommend at least one of the cake flavors to be a simple choice, such as our Sweet Cream flavor. You may then want your other flavors choices to represent your personalities and taste.  


Who will be cutting the cake at my reception? 

Most of the time your caterer or venue will cut your cake. You will need to inquire about their fee to do so. We will provide a cake cutting guide upon the delivery of your cake. This guide is available earlier than delivery upon request. We do not provide cake cutting services.

How will my cake be delivered?

We use an extremely sturdy and completely enclosed plastic delivery box system called a CakeSafe. It ensures safe delivery from our cake studio to your venue. 

How much will my wedding or large event cake cost?

Time and the materials needed will dictate your final cost. Here is an estimated range to give you an idea of what your cake will cost per serving. Add .50 cents per serving for our premium flavors.

Semi-Naked Designs: $4.50-$5.00 per serving

Buttercream Designs: $5.00-$6.50 per serving

Patisserie French Style Designs (Madeleine or Meringue towers + cake): $6.50-$7.00 per serving

Bespoke High Style Designs:$7.00+ per serving

Mini Individual 3" Cakes:

$6 (semi-naked) each

$7 (buttercream) each

$8 (patisserie) each-limited designs

$9+ (bespoke) each

(10-count minimum)

Mini Clear Cake Stands: $1 each

3-Layer Kitchen Cakes with 2-layers of Filling: $3.50-$4 per serving (depending on flavor)

What is a kitchen cake and what makes Marigold Cakes kitchen cakes better than the rest?

A kitchen cake is a cake covered in buttercream but without any decorative elements. These cakes do not involve the same labor as a decorated cake making them a great help to couples on a budget. They are cut in the kitchen and never seen by your guests allowing couples to have a smaller cake on display but still enough cake for each guest. A traditional kitchen cake is a sheet style cake with 2 layers of cake and 1 layer of filling. These are smaller portions than a traditional wedding cake slice which I don't like. I feel that every guest should receive a full sized portion of wedding cake no matter if it is from the actual wedding cake or a kitchen cake. Marigold Cakes kitchen cake servings are the same size as our wedding cakes. All of our cakes come with 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling even if it is a kitchen cake. Each slice of one of our cakes will be approximately 1" x 2" x 5-5.5". We surpass the industry standard size of 1" x 2" x 4".

Do you require a certain dollar amount or serving count for wedding and large event cakes?

No, however, I only offer in-person consultation for clients who order 100+ total servings or more. I also ask for a 1 hour delivery window for smaller wedding cakes as I may have another cake that needs to be delivered on your wedding day.

How much money do I need to put down to reserve you to make my wedding cake?

I only require $100 down. This down payment will be subtracted from your total bill. Your remaining balance will be due in full 14 days before your event.

In addition to this deposit, cake tastings are $40 each (please refer to the Tastings page for more details).

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